Fields is where businesses are born and bred

Where they come to live and thrive and grow and outperform. Opportunity is the heart and soul of Fields – because Fields is where everyone and every business wants to be. And it’s happening already. Things are booming and blooming and the businesses are coming in amazing droves.

This isn’t just dreamy, it’s easy. We are designing it that way. Where the living is easy is where you, your family and your business can focus on what matters most. This is ease at its very best. And don’t we all deserve things to be easy?

Easy to work. Easy to grow. Easy to get from point A to point B. In fact, there’s no car required if that’s your dream thanks to an interconnected, easy-to-navigate network of streets and trails.

Putting down roots in our epically fertile soil and settling in for success and longevity. Fields is what the world and the business world needs now.



Low to mid-rise campuses may be built in most of Fields. See Fields PD Office-2 for more details.


High-rise offices are allowed without height restrictions in the Fields urban core. See Fields PD Office-2 for more details



Fields accommodates a variety of retail uses including malls, lifestyle, power, neighborhood, and convenience centers. See Fields PD “Upscale Retail” for more details.


Upscale hotels are permitted by right in most of Fields. See Fields PD “Upscale Hospitality” for more details.


Industrial uses, including data centers, may be constructed in certain portions of Fields. See Fields PD Commercial 2 for more details.