The Frisco Vibe

Parks and recreation are most definitely not afterthoughts in this beautiful land called Frisco. With 49 master-planned parks, the largest skate park in North Texas, 75 miles of hiking and biking trails, an off-road mountain bike park and, of course, the best “ruff range” dog park. Frisco weather beckons its population outside…we’ve got more reasons to get you out the door. Destination outside.

49 master-planned
Largest skate
park in
North Texas
75 miles of hike and
bike trails
mountain bike park
and "Ruff Range"
dog park
Hike along
the biggest
golf course on
the planet
585 restaurants
in Frisco
200 retailers
9 million sq. ft.
of shopping space
140 childcare

Frisco. “Amenities” is our middle name.

Why Frisco? Honestly, why not? Frisco literally has it all and you’ll never wonder what to do, eat or wander next. All good dilemmas. And with over 70,000 households putting down roots, the numbers simply don’t lie. Business is booming, neighborhoods are growing and life is on…full speed ahead.

With 585 restaurants, your toughest decision is agreeing on where to go—but these are the fun choices. Think “which hiking trail?” and remember the already-open PGA trail—for those who love to hike, golf and hike alongside the biggest golf course on the planet. Where to shop?! Choose from over 200 retailers, aka, 9 million square feet of shopping nirvana that always calls for a drink and dinner at one of the many above-mentioned restaurants.

Icing on the Frisco cake? Over 140 childcare facilities so you can work, work out, eat and drink knowing yours are in very good hands. Over 70,000 households and growing can’t be wrong. Frisco is where it’s at…where it’s all at.

Let’s get together.

We’ve already established that Frisco is the destination place for business, but with that business comes business meetings and loads of visitors. Frisco treats them right. With over 6 million annual visitors, Frisco decided to provide ample space for our guests to the tune of 9 million square feet of retail and restaurant space. Hospitality at its best.