The Town Architect

David Stocker, AIA, is the premier architect proudly helping bring The Preserve to life. As the founding Principal at SHM Architects in Dallas, David brings to The Preserve 25 years of high-end residential, commercial, hotel and office building experience. As Town Architect, David has advised in the development of design guidelines as well as partnerships with the selected homebuilders to help develop beautiful, timeless, client-driven designs for The Preserve.

The Preserve is a special place. A place like no other. A beautiful, serene and gated neighborhood surrounded by lush landscapes and home to PGA Frisco and Fields Ranch Golf Club. A place like The Preserve is an absolute gem…a diamond without the rough and your home should sparkle in this blissful, one-of-a-kind setting.

With a down-to-earth design approach, creativity and collaboration are at the helm of every project. A respected expert in the field, David brings a sense of comfort, through years of experience working with contractors, the building trades, and individual craftsmen, learning what they do best and often working side-by-side every step of the way.

David’s process is rooted in an obsession for the craft, and results in personalized, luxurious, always-aspirational designs. David passionately believes that heartfelt principles lead to beautiful, bespoke creations. This philosophy has inspired a body of widely published and award-winning work in a variety of styles across North America.

David is working closely with all builders to ensure The Preserve is a neighborhood and community that is unsurpassed in quality and place.

David Stocker of SHM Architects