An organic mix, planned

Fields is a series of interconnected villages and neighborhoods…each distinct but all connected. Each has its own character, density, and land use. Topography and proximity to major roadways shape the form and spirit of each village. Like the land itself, each community has its own beauty and essence, all flowing together through a vast open space network, connected into a broader community that feels as though it was decades in the making.

Fields Map

Fields urban core watercolor


A timeless American Dream neighborhood, reimagined. With the best architectural styles from classic periods, updated and enhanced, this Fields village is ready to take on the future with homes reminiscent of some of the most noted American neighborhoods. Anything but cookie-cutter homes, the detail of these houses has been thoughtfully chosen. And the “outside” has been as carefully considered as the “inside.” Spacious parks, hike and bike trails, and beautiful streetscapes. A classic yet completely unique environment, this neighborhood offers something for every discerning taste.

The Preserve

Where luxury comes home. With two miles of frontage on the PGA Frisco championship courses, this rolling, distinctive landscape could only have one name: The Preserve. Dream “forever” homes, gated communities connected with unrivaled, 360-degree views of the new home of golf. Exclusive tennis and amenity centers complement the adjacent links and round out the bespoke experience. Ample access to multi-use trails that parallel and connect to the golf courses, lush landscapes and low-rise buildings preserve the awe-inspiring vistas. Golf courses and nature at every angle. Stunning homes on generous lots. Big Texas sky above… green all around. Beautiful homes everywhere. The Preserve is the best place to be.

East Village

Located at the eastern edge of the Fields urban core, with a large public park mere steps away and easy access to a network of hike and bike trails, this area is ripe for a mix of commercial, single-family, and multi-family development. A casual, relaxed setting with “in-town” character where walkability is top of mind. Retail and restaurants options for residents and tenants alike. Luxe multi-family to townhouses to single-family detached homes.

University Village

Bordered by Panther Creek Parkway and Preston Road, and thoughtfully positioned to accommodate housing, corporate, and retail ventures that work for the college-aged budget and mindset, as well as for the needs of the faculty. UNT is primed to develop academic and academic-supporting uses just south of Fields. With fun and intellectual opportunities front and center, this will be a great university neighbor like no other. Retail, dining, and entertainment are prerequisites.

North Fields

Immediate adjacency to the new home of golf in America. With nearly a mile of frontage along the expanding State Highway 380 and bordered by PGA Parkway, Championship Parkway, and Legacy Drive, North Fields accommodates the variety of commercial ventures that follow the PGA to Frisco and golf enthusiasts who do the same. Additionally, a mix of top-flight and family-friendly retail, dining, entertainment, and hospitality offerings serves both Fields residents and businesses and residential growth in communities north of Highway 380. Two relaxing, reflective ponds further enhance this already gorgeous setting – dine, work, and live surrounded by beautiful, and calming waters.