Where the future is the best present.

Where the future is coming soon.

Where groundbreaking is life changing.

Where big things are happening…and happening.

Where the future is coming…sooner than ever.

Where good things come into focus.

Where second nature comes first.

Where work meets play.

Where you come…and stay.

Where you stay…and never leave.

Where the future looks bright.

Where the landscape of life is changing.

Where coming soon meets coming home.

Where life begins…where you stay.

Where you settle in…and never leave.

Where life is lived out loud…and outside.

Where the outdoors keep going…and going.

Where trails take you places.

Where paths lead to destinations.

Where cars matter less and people matter more.

Where coming soon becomes coming sooner.

Fields is built on big ideas

The idea that when you bring workplaces into closer proximity with fun places, the workplaces actually work better. The idea that simple architectural forms and a true, native vernacular create the most elegant homes and the most desirable addresses. The idea of spending part of each day outside. Breathing fresh air. Walking. Exploring.

At the center of this community
is the idea of uninterrupted connection

Not the development pattern that other communities in North Texas call “mixed-use”, but the real thing. A place where a variety of experiences – home and office and dining and places to gather and play outside – are walkably or bikeably close to each other. And connected by trails and walkways that feel like destinations in their own right because they follow the course of water and nature throughout the built environment.

Land unlike any other for miles

Located in Frisco, Texas, Fields is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country. A place like this isn’t really possible anywhere else. And yet, once here, you will feel like you are in one of your favorite places.

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