Where the future is the best present.

Where groundbreaking is life changing.

Where big things are happening…and happening.

Where good things come into focus.

Where second nature comes first.

Where work meets play.

Where community comes together.

Where the landscape of life is changing.

Where coming soon meets coming home.

Where you settle in…and stay.

Where life is lived out loud…and outside.

Where the outdoors keep going…and going.

Where trails take you places.

Where paths lead to destinations.

Where cars matter less and people matter more.

Where business can breathe.

Fields is built on big ideas

The idea that when you build something so different, so magical and so enticing, they will come. They will come to work, dinner, school and they will come home. Built on the big idea that pure and simple architecture is elegant, fresh and true to its core. Built on the big idea that the great outdoors is equally as important as the great indoors. So, we’re making both great.

Unimaginable landscapes

Imagine…steep slopes and breathtaking views, sprinkled with winding creeks, trails that beg to be explored and, well, endless fields of green. Imagine feeling calm because you’re surrounded by it. Imagine your very own community, with friends, neighbors, work and family right next door, all in the state’s most unbeatable location. Imagine this is not just a destination – this is home. This diamond, previously only in the rough, is coming into focus as we polish, perfect and prepare your Fields.


Land unlike any other for miles.

Born in Frisco, Texas, Fields is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country and voted the number one place to live in America. Safe, family-oriented and destined to become one of the biggest thriving business hubs in the country. Imagine intoxicating land, wide open spaces and big blue sky right where you live and work. Frisco will steal your heart and beckon you home, and when you’re home, there’s really no reason to leave.


It’s all here when you shop Fields West.

Where amazing, interconnected villages and neighborhoods collide in the most retail-friendly, smiles-all-around shopping experience is where you veer west. Fields West. Shop till you drop, drop in, drop by…retail therapy is alive and well and nothing is left to the imagination.


Business. Born, raised and
thriving…right here.

Fields takes the reality of work, mingles it with inspiring surroundings, positivity and a work-life balance that gives new meaning to 9-5. Imagine loving going to work. Imagine attracting the top talent and the best of big business, because this is where everyone wants to be? It’s called the draw of Fields and it means healthy and thriving businesses are springing up, growing and staying for the long haul. Come to work. Stay to live. And enjoy the beautiful commute – aka, quite possibly, no car needed.


Room for everyone – and space to grow.

When you picture your life, your neighborhood, your cozy landing place, we pictured it too. Community, safe neighborhoods, the folks next door, greenery, golf, nature and creating lasting memories and those forever hometown moments. Imagine coming home to the one you built – along with Fields’ home-sweet-home imagination and basking in the feeling that you’re exactly where you imagined. Fields is making sure that you find that. And we can’t wait to meet our new neighbors.


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