What if everyone wanted to work here?

“Work”…too often, a word that conjures up images of stuffy office spaces, long commutes and windows looking out at uninspiring views or nothing at all. Fields rethinks the word “work”. We take the reality of work and bring it to a more inspiring, positive and efficient place…a place that attracts top talent and helps keep it. This is how you get the job done.

Fields is not real estate as usual. It is real estate as experience. With few exceptions, development patterns in North Texas tend to treat real estate as an isolated object—the house, the building, the office space—rather than a connected ecosystem. A thing to buy rather than an environment to enjoy.

People working outside

Frisco Area

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Real mixed use

North Texas, and especially the larger Dallas North Tollway corridor, is experiencing dynamic growth. The market is largely dominated by cookie-cutter subdivisions that, while technically defined as “mixed-use”, do not offer the variety and connected living of a full-spectrum community. Time is the fundamental promise of a true mixed-use community. Between its community plan and its location, Fields brings your daily destinations closer together, saving you time and making the most of this precious resource.

A 15-minute city

Fields appeals to a broad array of people and businesses. Natives and newcomers. Site selectors and human resources directors. Multinational corporations and creative startups. Homebuyers, from first-timers to high-enders to down-sizers. Golfers, both seasoned and novice. University students. And anyone who is looking for a place to spend the best sunny afternoon or an epically fun night out.

To some significant degree, where we are is who we are. Our places determine how we work and rest and relate to others. How we feel about our day. Fields is an interconnected place that simultaneously invigorates and puts you at ease. It helps you take a breath. It brings you closer to nature and your fellow humans. It gives you a sense of belonging. With its variety and vibrancy, Fields inspires you. Refreshes your spirit. Enriches your daily life.

More information?

Please contact Eric Hage via phone or email for more information on build-to-suit office development.