All about big ideas

Fields will be the place where culture takes root and flourishes. Local food and music. Seasonal celebrations and community rituals. Small, artful experiences that uplift your everyday life. And while culture is in itself a benefit, it also attracts the curious. The thinkers. The creators. The people —and companies—that are all about big ideas. This is about quality. Doing the right thing rather than the typical thing. Letting decisions be driven by what best honors the land and serves the needs of the larger community.

Women working on whiteboard
Tech 57%
Corporate Services 21%
Industrial 8%
Sports & Media 8%
Community 4%
Other 2%

What’s Growing Next?

Check out Frisco’s new and emerging industries. Get a piece of this pie! These are the industries currently thriving and growing in Frisco—the excitement is palpable and there’s room for you.


  • IT / Computer / Cyber / Software / Saas (39%)
  • Healthcare / Biotech (9%)
  • Banking / FinTech (7%)
  • E-Commerce / Retail (2%)

Corporate Services

  • Professional Services (9%)
  • Marketing-Sales (7%)
  • Real Estate (2%)


  • Transportation / Mobility (3%)
  • Manufacturing (3%)
  • Energy / Clean Tech (2%)

Sports and Media

  • Sports-eSports (2%)
  • Gaming-New Media (3%)
  • Hospitality-Tourism (3%)


  • Lifestyle (1%)
  • Non-profits / Education (2%)
  • Consumer (1%)

What’s new? Innovation is Frisco’s middle name.

It’s not just a place for “what’s new?”, Frisco has been dubbed the destination city of innovation. FinTech IT, Cybersecurity and Data Analytics are among Frisco’s top ecosystems. Where new ideas are born and bred, they will follow. With more than 250 startups and tech firms, it’s no wonder investors and accelerators are focusing on Frisco.

More information?

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