Settling in…

So, it’s clear that Frisco is the place to be for business, but let’s talk the business of settling in, putting down roots and the reasons why Frisco is the best place to call home sweet home.

With a young median age of 36 years old, Frisco is the place to build a family, a future and a home. Imagine nearly 75,000 total households and 30% of those raising children under the age of 17. Again, when it comes to family, you’re in good company. Imagine a median household income of $116,884, a median single-family home value of $399,208 and a median monthly mortgage of $2,348. It’s a comfortable thought. Affordable, safe, culturally and ethnically diverse and oh-so-beautiful. These adjectives are just the beginning.

75,000 households;
30% raising children
under 17
$2,348 median monthly
$116,884 median household
$399,208 median single-family
home value
36 median age of
area population
516% population growth
643,000 potential employees
within 30 minutes
0 State income tax
208,216 population as of
April 2021