The Fields story

In its very name, Fields is part of history. It is a place where things grow. Cultivated nature. Abundance. Productivity. But also possibility. Potential. Room for “what if.” And our name has deep, authentic Texas roots. Fields honors the past by remembering what came before and taking the best ideas, old and new…because doing so brightens the future.


Settlement starts

Frisco Texas History

The history of Fields dates back to the Mid 19th Century. John T. Landrum and Charles Lewis “C.L.” Smith and their families relocated from the hills of Kentucky to the young state of Texas in 1853. They settled on familiar looking hills with flowing water near an area known then as Hawkins Settlement…and now the land is Fields.


Homestead establishes

Hawkins Kentucky Settlement

Landrum, a Civil War soldier, was issued an official patent by Governor Sam Houston under the Homestead Act of 1854, and built his dream, 160-acre tract home and farm and raised five children. As his family expanded, his land grew over the next ninety years to accommodate new generations until 1943 when it was sold to Bert Fields Sr.


Ranch emerges

Frisco Texas History

In Fields’ hands, the ranch continued to grow into a fully-functioning cattle operation he called “Headquarters Ranch” and, after Bert Sr.’s death in 1963, was passed on to his son, Bert Fields Jr. After years of following his dad’s footsteps around the ranch, Bert took the reins of the family business at the ripe young age of 23.


Banking begins

North Dallas Bank and Bert Fields

Beyond land and ranching, the Fields family was prominent in banking. Their North Dallas Bank & Trust celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2011, with assets exceeding $1 billion and today remains one of the largest and oldest privately-owned banks in Texas.


A chapter turns

Bert Fields

In the most recent chapter of the history of this land, a partnership assembled by Ray L. Hunt, son of legendary Texas icon, H.L. Hunt, purchased the 2,544-acre ranch and renamed the land in memory of Fields.


The future arrives

Hunt Realty

With rich, deeply-rooted history and a love of Texas, now passed from one Texas family to a new one, Fields will carry on the legacy of those that came before and work to keep the Texas dream and love of this land, alive and well for future generations to come.