‘Sister' of Legacy West coming to Frisco

Meredith Yeomans

Fields West will have a similar feel as its hugely successful ‘sister’ in Plano, developer says

From favorite brands to outdoor dining, Plano’s Legacy West is a destination, and soon enough, Frisco will have one of its own.

“Think of two sisters, one is older – Legacy West — and then Fields West is the younger sister,” said Fehmi Karahan, CEO of Karahan Companies.

Located along the Dallas North Tollway near Panther Creek Parkway, Fields West will be a part of the much larger 2,500-acre Fields Development now under construction.

It will look a lot like Legacy West, but bigger.

“The mixed-use component of Fields is about a block larger, bigger than what Legacy West mixed-use is,” said Karahan.

Karahan is the developer behind the hugely successful Legacy West who’s now turned his attention north to Frisco.

“I could build Walmart in my sleep, right, but the type of experiences that we offer in Legacy West kind of environment, and which we hope to offer at Fields West, is really a gratifying thing for me,” said Karahan.



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